Low Carbon Innovation in China

Dr Dennis Zuev, Professor John Urry, Dr David Tyfield and Dr Li Ping.

Dr Dennis Zuev, Professor John Urry, Dr David Tyfield and Dr Li Ping.


On Sunday 13th March, the ESRC project ‘Low Carbon Innovation in China: Prospects, Politics and Practice’ held the closing workshop of its research package on urban e-mobilities at the Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University, hosted by CeMoRe’s project partner.


The event involved over 50 delegates including senior government officials, automotive companies, mobility entrepreneurs, leading academics, NGOs and students to discuss possible futures of urban mobility in China. The project team (all in attendance) were Dr Li Ping (Tsinghua), Dr Dennis Zuev, Dr David Tyfield and Professor John Urry (all CeMoRe).


In the light of the sad and shocking news about the sudden death of Prof Urry, we will report this event in more detail at a later date. The other project members would like to note here only how privileged they were, not only to have worked closely with John on this exciting project over the last few years but also to have spent what turned out to be his last weekend with him and doing something that he loved: talking and learning together about novel and insightful ways to think about the social world and how it could be made better for everyone.  We will miss him enormously and will complete the project – and future work – in his memory.



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